Water Taxi’s The Next New Venture In Dubai

Dubai has come up with a brilliant new plan that is as ambitious as the others in the past. This time there is a big difference, it is one that is practical and workable. When looking at other big ideas in the past such as underwater hotels, changing the coastline with manmade islands, moving buildings and other such ventures, this is one that has a lot of appeal, is realistic and smart. Dubai has decided to take the plunge and work on a marine transporting system in order to link with the neighbouring areas of Ajman and Sharjah with the launch of its water taxis that were introduced last month. According to Khalid al Zahed of RTA heritage styled abras with wood panels could soon be seen along Downtown Burj area and dubai marina towards the end of this year. This plan is being taken to very well after the newly introduced water taxis were received well by the public offering transportation between Dubai’s hottest tourist locations and high end hotels with the best luxuries. About 200 trips were done in the 11 vessels launched in a matter of two weeks and it happened without any advertisements promoting it. This projects a very good outcome for the marine transport network being a huge hit with demand being so great-well above the RTA expectations at the launch! Despite the success, there has been a bit of delay as Gulf News reports that quite a few of the projects have been cut down including ferry venture in dubai services for the public.