Reel Cinemas

The Dubai Marina Mall Cinema is practically a palace for the movie fans. It’s not merely a theater but a boutique cinema house, with wide range of gourmet food and beverages. There are six screens with comfy seating.

Reel Cinemas large seats

Use the call button

No cheap seating here - expect unique twin recliner seats, spacious leg room and plenty of gourmet entrees that are delivered to your seat. Feeling cold and anxious over the intense scenes of a Scorsese drama? Then request blankets and pillows from the staff. All requests are taken care of via a call button found on the table corner of each seat.

Reel Cinemas café

Organize parties

The cinema mall also has accommodations for large parties, anywhere from 30 of your friends to 300 employees of your company. Event coordinators can help you organize a birthday party or a business conference and provide ample seating, all the while showcasing a movie using the theater’s innovative sound systems and projectors.

Reel Cinemas lounge

3D, Online booking, Dolby Atmos

The theater provides a number of modern services, from new age 3D films requiring advanced glasses, as well as online booking, and Dolby Atmos ultra-realistic sound, with 64 individually controlled speakers, including overhead systems.

Reel Cinemas

Snacks and buffet

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Besides gourmet specialties, you can also expect classic American theater food like popcorn, hotdogs, nachos and soda pop. For more refined dining visit the buffet and see what the specialty of the day is, just in time for the previews.

Watch the official release of American movies loaded with visual effects, world-renowned actors, and of course, plenty of action sequences. The Dubai Marina Mall Cinema is the perfect escape for thrill-seekers who want to take a break from the peace of the marina and be transported into another world.

Platinum Suites

Platinum Suites

Forgot to tell about the best part. The super luxurious Platinum Suites offers extra large and extra comfy seats.

Reel Cinemas corridor
Dubai Marina Mall, Dubai Marina, Dubai, United Arab Emirates