Real Estates At Its Ever Low In Dubai

All time favorite and profitable property bazaar of Dubai is at decline.  Hot property spots are at its lowest with one bedroom flats being sold at Dh 25,000 in areas like International city. On the other hand posh Discovery Garden is down by more than 50%. It has moved to Dh 35,000 from its peak of 75,000. All the figures mentioned here is from the advertisement of the properties posted in journals and media. The reason can be many ranging from global financial crisis to inverse demand and supply curves. Experts also say that hottest property spots are lacking basic amenities and this is also turning to be the major reason of decline in real estate value. For instance International city is facing sewage problem development and maintenance is also very slow. All the areas that have peaked and delivered recently have seen a great loss. According to the gulf news, renting Studio flats at International City have downed to 50% and are being offered at Dh 16,000 for year from Dh 35,000 per year. In the same way discovery garden has also saw the similar loss. Real state professional forecast more rental decline in the coming years, the reason may be owner’s failing to pay final payments and the area still resembles building sites avoided by people who foresees a better place to leave in. Potential buyers are finding complexity in securing loans. But still Dubai is stared as a striking place. The areas like The Meadows, Dubai Marina, The Springs are on all time high and the downtrend is not affecting these areas. These communities are well maintained and homes riches of the city. 'People coming here need abode to stay and fulfill their dreams so properties can see hike in the near future. Hope for the best.