Luxurious Yacht Charters At Dubai Marina – Cruising The Gulf Waters In Style

Style, extravagance, luxury – three words that are synonymous to Dubai! Dubai Marina is no different. The luxurious yacht charters that enable you to cruise through the Gulf waters in style are the newest addition. The yacht clubs in Dubai Marina is counted among the largest in the entire world, despite being privately operated. The yacht charters ensure complete safety of the people who book their cruise through them. Every captain who is in charge of the yacht has a certificate from the Royal Yachting Association of the UK, in addition to certificates from the Jordan Royal Marine Academy. This shows the thorough adherence to the security guidelines, despite the waters of the Gulf being relatively calm. Life jackets, radar reflectors, VHF radios and life rings are all provided on the boat, in addition to blaze extinguishers, first aid kit, fire blankets, life rafts and grab bags. Every boat of the fleet has been designed in compliance with the rules and regulations specified by the government of UAE. The metropolis department conducts periodic quality checks to ensure the safety features are in place. The crew on the fleet that caters to the clientele in not only exceptional in terms of customer service, but every person is also skilled mariners. They take care of all your requirements so you can sit back and enjoy the feel of the Gulf waters. With all this and more, the luxurious yacht clubs of Dubai Marina are eager to welcome you aboard their boat so you experience the cruise of a lifetime.