Gravity Zone

The Gravity Zone is Dubai gives you adrenaline rush you’ve been waiting for your entire life. This adventure in the sky drops you down 50 meters in a classic gravity-defying Bungee Jump.

Hot girl preparing for the jump

The Gravity Zone Bungee Jump is 300 feet (91,5 meters) of falling thrills, made possible by your best friend, Mister Bungee, the elastic cord system that will single-handedly protect you from a free fall. Despite the long distance and ultimate rush of it all, The Gravity Zone is completely safe and you are always in good hands, working with professional instructors.

Gravity Zone jump

That’s not all! Very soon, a new Catapult feature will be created, which is the reverse of the Bungee Jump. You will experience being “shot from a cannon” as you go hurling into the air some 100 feet having only your body harness and a bungee cord.

Gravity Zone bungee jump

Dubai defies everything you know about the perfect vacation. The sights, the sounds, and with Gravity Zone, the thrills!

  • 14 Years of Age minimum
  • As long as you got a doctor’s note, you’re ready to jump!
  • Group events, charity fundraisers and team building options

Price from 360 AED

Power Play Football Center, Meydan Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates ‎