Dubai Still The Ultimate Choice For Business

Many investors of the middle east want to increase their prime investments in dubai. As per the report, dubai is declared as the FDI [ foreign direct investment] destination of choice. This report was released by the foreign investment office or FIO, which is part of the dubai economic department. These findings are very much interesting and the overall investor confidence in dubai has done farely well. This has indicated a positive position in the days of global turbulence. When asked about the investment plans, eighty one percent of the investors have made their investment options in dubai. These people want to increase the investments in the emirates. As per the analysts, such findings are quite striking when you compare them to the global equivalent figures. As per the reports about the global investment budgets, 37 percent of the investors have planned to decrease their investments. As much as half of the investors are planning to increase their investment in dubai. They will do this by reinvesting in the current businesses. FIO CEO Fahad Al Gergawi said – The general rule that the current investor is essential to future investment flows appears to hold true in Dubai. This is especially important in times of global turbulence when many investors seek new opportunities. As per the reports, 29 percent of the bullish investors want to enter new joint ventures with the local partners. 14 percent want to acquire equity.