Dubai Marina now has Dubai Metro service

The much anticipated opening of the Dubai Metro service is finally here. In an attempt to encourage visitors and travelers to visit some more remote areas of the city, the Dubai Metro service promises to be a favoured form of transportation for visitors and locals alike. Much planning went into the Dubai Metro service and the stops include the Dubai Marina, Emirates Tower, Burj Dubai, and the airport. Since most travelers had to rely on taxi service to get to their destination, the Metro should fill a much needed service within the area. Touted as one of the world’s most advanced rail systems in the world, the Dubai Metro is expected to carry 1.2 million passengers a day when in full operation. The fully automated, five car sets are air conditioned and even have a separate car for women and children. A VIP carriage is also available. Since Dubai traffic concerns have overwhelmed the city in the past several years, the Dubai Metro will help relieve some of the congestion of the daily commute.