Dubai Marina listed as number one hotspot for popular, affordable real estate

Once again, Dubai Marina has been listed as the most popular place to rent or buy a home in the UAE. This distinction is just another in a long list of accolades for this thriving area. With many other real estate markets in Dubai are faltering, the Dubai Marina has seen an increase of up to 11 percent in the number of available and highly sought after apartments. This has led to an increase in the demand for apartments, as well. This is in sharp contrast to other areas of Dubai where the rents have significantly decreased during the last five months. In fact, the purchase price of homes has fallen so sharply this year, that Dubai had the second highest decrease in property values (47.3%) in 33 cities for the first quarter of 2009. The decline did slow for the second quarter, (7.5%). For most economists, they believe the worst is behind and the values will continue to stabilize over the next few months.