Dubai Marina Welcomes New International Cuisines

The Dubai Marina is known for a number of good things and many good restaurants. Since there are quite a lot of options to take your pick from, you might not have any shortages when it comes to picking out the kind of activity you want to do or even the cuisine that you are in the mood for. Adding to this list of multiple cuisines is the new Mexican restaurant that was recently opened to public. The restaurant here is run by none other than the famous Chef Richard Sandoval, who has been a master chef since 1997. All across the world, he has over 12 restaurants to his name, all of which are liked and praised by customers and critics alike. The Dubai restaurant is no different and offers customers the experience of dining outside or indoors, depending on what they are in the mood for. The interiors of the restaurant are somber and sophisticated, with soulful Latin American music doing a brilliant job of keeping up the mood of the room. The food is quite mouthwatering. There are a number of specialty dishes served like huachinango a la veracruzana and enchiladas de pollo. If you love trying out foreign cuisines, you shouldn’t give this one a miss as you will surely like it.