Dubai Marina Hotels on Sale: Prospects for Great Real Estate Investment Opportunities

The Dubai Real Estate Market continues to hold great prospects for real estate investments opportunities. Despite a drop in the rental fees of 10% in recent years, real estate investment experts are still holding the view that Dubai’s real estate market will continue to recover with only a 4% decrease last year. This decrease comes as a result of the vast number of visitors from all over the world, who come to view this splendiferous Arabian country. The geographical location and affordability of real estate in Dubai continues to attract high traffic, which has led to an increase in accommodation and rental fees. Notwithstanding, the real estate market will continue to boom in years to come. Hotel Properties for Sale – According to credible real estate investment sources, in the Dubai Marina area, there is a 21-storey hotel property for sale with a price tag of AED350m ($95m). These hotels are popular for accommodating visitors from across the globe to the magnificent Arabian country. If you can take advantage of this real estate investment opportunity, you will be on your way to financial success. Lucrative Real Estate Markets – You can never go wrong by investing in the recovering Dubai Marina real estate market. This city is deemed to be one of the largest man-made marinas in the world. No wonder why there is a steady influx of people to the city. This ultimately means that the real estate market in this city will continue to grow to record breaking levels. If you are a real estate investor you would want to capitalize on this, market, which is built to accommodate over 120,000 people.