Dubai Marina Continues To Enjoy Popularity Among Buyers Online

For three quarters in a row, Dubai Marina continues to lead the list of the most preferred destinations to invest in Dubai. Closely following on the heels of Dubai Marina are Jumeirah Lake Towers and Palm Jumeirah at 16.1% and 13.1% as compared to the 17.5% for the Marina. This property, being developed by Emaar Properties, has been enjoying this popularity ever since the real estate market began to show signs of upheaval. Under the rental category as well, Dubai Marina topped the list with over 16.7% of the people willing to rent out property here. Jumeirah Lake Towers at 9.9% and Palm Jumeirah at 6.7% occupied the second and third position respectively on the list. Of the 38.5% of the population that was searching for properties online, 15% who were willing to opt for rental property were willing to spend up to $13,612 annually just on rent. The apartments were again the most searched option with close to 12% opting for a two bedroom accommodation. The report that published these findings also mentioned that there were not a lot of buyers for the villas, whereas there was an increased demand for town houses. Close to 200 brokers, 100000 properties and 400,000 online visitors were a part of this research.