Dubai Marina 1

This is where it all started. The Dubai Marina 1 is the first construction phase of the Dubai Marina. This cluster of 6 high-rise buildings contain one to five bedroom apartments, and all the 1100 units were sold in an instant in 2002. Shortly after they became the symbol of Dubai Marina.

Dubai Marina 1 towers

Three of the towers are named after precious stones:

Murjan 185 meters (607 ft) and 40 floors

Al Mass 138 meters (453 ft) and 31 floors

Fairooz 98 meters (322 ft) and 23 floors

The other three are named after Arabic fragrances:

Mesk 185 meters (607 ft) and 27 floors

Yass 124 meters (407 ft) and 40 floors

Anbar 85 meters (279 ft) and 19 floors

The Mesk Tower and Murjan Tower were the record holders in height at the time, but now they are being overshadowed by the Tallest Block, where the majority of the towers are between 250 meters (820 ft) to 300 meters (984 ft) and Princess Tower tops them all at 414 m (1,358 ft) meters height.

Dubai Marina 1 is a worthy sight for it's historical importance and as an architectural rarity. The towers are located close to the Sheikh Zayed Road, at the beginning of the Dubai Marina Walk.


Dubai Marina 1 surrounded by all the new buildings