Dubai, The Hottest Choice For Business

As per the report of the FDI (Foreign Direct Investment), Dubai is the hottest destination for the Middle East investors. They still find Dubai an ultimate choice for business. The report has come to the light by the Foreign Investment Office (FIO) that is part of the Dubai economic department. According to survey, eighty one percent investors have selected Dubai as one of the most prime locations for investing. This is the positive sign for not only Dubai economy but also the global economy. The Middle East people have selected Emirates as the hottest destination for investment. They have a great belief on Dubai economy. As per the analysts, Dubai economy is booming very fast as compared to other Middle East countries. According to the report, there is a tremendous decline has been seen in the global investment budgets. Around 37% investors have decreased their investment in the global market but as much as half of the investors are planning to select Dubai for investing. Many investors have planned to reinvest in the booming economy of Dubai. CEO of FIO, Fahad Al Gergawi said – The general rule that the current investor is essential to future investment flows appears to hold true in Dubai. This is especially important in times of global turbulence when many investors seek new opportunities. As per the FIO report, around 29% of the bullish investors want to invest in the new joint ventures with the local partners.