Driverless Cars in Dubai

Dubai's transportation will radically transform in the next decades. Autonomous cars and other type of vehicles are about to revolutionize the transportation. United Arab Emirates is a leader in technology and R&D and it's a step further in harnessing artificial intelligence for major cost savings and efficiency in public transportation.

Beautiful asian women in an autonomous car

His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, has launched a strategy for the future of transportation in Dubai as the key element to become the smartest city in the world. This project can be summed up with some big numbers:

  • 25% of Dubai's transportation will be autonomous by 2030
  • Saving up to Dh22 billion a year by reducing the costs by 44%
  • Increasing productivity by 13% which is achieved by reducing travel time by 396 millions of hours annually
  • Reducing accidents by 12%, saving Dh2 billion a year

Muslim woman with a kid in a driverless car
Driverless car with a touch screen
Driverless Tesla Model S interior while on the road
Driverless Tesla Model S in Dubai on Sheikh Zayed Road
Dubai driverless car