Biking Around Dubai

Fancy a fun bike ride around Dubai? Check out nextbike for rental! The company was founded in Germany and now has rental locations in over 20 countries. In collaboration with Dubai based ByKy, they have 10 stations peppered throughout Downtown Dubai and Dubai Marina, bike enthusiasts can easily rent and ride at their own leisure.

The following seven stations are all conveniently located within the Dubai Marina:

  • Marina Mall
  • Marina Walk
  • Stefano’s Cafe
  • Marina Yacht Club
  • Spinneys Supermarket
  • Grosvenor House Hotel
  • JBR Shams Luxury Homes


So, how do nextbike rentals work?

Before you can rent a bike, you’ll have to register your name, address, and phone number with nextbike. Once registered, going forward, you’ll be able to rent bikes using your phone number. Travelers can also download the nextbike app to their mobile phones to make renting even easier. If you live in, or travel to, Dubai a lot, you can also apply for a nextbike customer card, to make renting even more of a breeze!


Renters can use a bike for a variety of durations; from 30 minutes to 24 hours. Prices are broken down as follows:

  • 30 minutes – AED 15
  • 1 hour – AED 20
  • 2 hours – AED 25
  • 3 hours – AED 30
  • 4 hours – AED 35
  • 5 hours – AED 40
  • 24 hours – AED 80

Bikes can easily be returned to any rental station in the city – they do not have to be returned to the same station that the bike was taken from. However, be careful not to lose the bike! That’ll cost you a cool AED 1500.

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