11 Most Adventurous Things You Can Do in Dubai

Scenic dinner cruises and strolling down the JBR Walk have lost their novelty on you? Don’t worry, Dubai always has something in stock to bring excitement up a notch. For all the thrill-seekers out there, I have put together a list of top 11 most adventurous things to do Dubai. Get ready for an adrenaline rush along the way!

11. Go up Burj Khalifa

Why: You simply haven’t been to Dubai if you haven’t been to Burj Khalifa
Level 124: 35 USD / 129 AED cheapest ticket
Level 124: 42 USD / 155 AED with fast track and cafe treat
Level 148: 105 USD / 386 AED

Going to the top of Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, is not for the faint-hearted. But if you brave the elevation of 452 meters, you’ll be rewarded with some breath-taking views over Dubai and much further across the desert and the Persian gulf. The ‘At the Top’ ticket gives you access to an indoor viewing platform at the 124th floor and an open-air observation terrace one floor above. If these views still leave you wanting for more, Burj Khalifa also offers a VIP access to an even higher viewing point at 555 meters. With ‘At the Top SKY’ you will skip the queue and enjoy complimentary coffee and snacks at the 148th floor. But the jury is still out on whether the premium experience is worth three times the price of the regular ticket…

Burj Khalifa On The Top Observation Deck Chairs with Panoramic View

10. Rent a private yacht

Why: This is the signature Dubai experience
Price: From 381 USD / 1399 AED
Book: Groupon deal, Viator

Cruising the blue waters on a private yacht might not spike your adrenaline but it will definitely be one of the most memorable adventures you can have in Dubai. Sipping champagne on a deck and watching the Dubai highlights pass by is my definition of living the life to the fullest. And guess what? With twenty people on board you can have this luxurious yacht for a real bargain (USD20 per person). So really no excuses here.

Rent a private yacht in Dubai

9. Enjoy some winter fun… in a mall

Why: Just when you thought Dubai can’t get any crazier, it does
Price: 25 USD / 92 AED (Ice Rink) ; 53 USD / 196 AED (Slope Session)
Book: 30% off if you book online the ice skating, Book online your skiing session

Looking for a chilly escape from the scorching hot Emirati summer? Luckily, the laws of the universe don’t apply to Dubai and you can enjoy your favourite winter sports even in the hottest months here. Head to Dubai Mall which houses one of the largest ice rinks in the world offering private lessons and freestyle sessions. Or, if skating is not your thing, hit the slopes at Ski Dubai instead. Excellent snow, a jumping ramp and a hair-rising black run are at your disposal all year round at the Mall of the Emirates. And don’t forget to indulge in some après-ski at one of the chalets overlooking the snowy slopes: fondue, hot chocolate and mulled wine guaranteed to give you that winter feel in the middle of the desert.

Ski and Ice Skate in Dubai

8. Take a speed boat with a view

Why: Sure to satisfy every speed lover
Price: USD 49.5 / AED 179
Book: Book online and get 30% off

Hold on tight because this boat is going to show you some serious speed. Dashing over the waves is sure to get your heartrate going but that’s not all. In a 90-minute tour you will see all of Dubai’s coastal highlights. You’ll jet around the Palm, enjoy spectacular views of Burj Al-Arab and the Atlantis and spy on the royal palaces from sea. In an action-packed ride there will still be time to slow down for some great photos and take in all the magical views of the sunset on the way back. I doubt that there is a better way to get your adrenaline fix and check off all the must-sees at the same time.

Speed Boat Ride in Dubai

Sunset during the speed boat ride

Sunset in Dubai

7. Take a plunge at Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark

Why: It’s the most fun way to cool off on a hot day
Price: 75 USD / 277 AED
Book: Buy the ticket here

Aquaventure Waterpark lives up to its name with a number of scream inducing waterslides. The most terrifying of all, the Poseidon Revenge, is a trapdoor slide that plunges you into a near vertical fall. As you await your fate, a loud countdown will get your heart pacing before the ride even starts. Still not enough adrenaline? You can take the Leap of Faith. Literally. This stunning construction, fashioned after a Mayan Temple, can be seen and heard from anywhere in the park. Coming down the 20-meter-long drop at an enormous speed you are sure to be screaming your lungs out. I strongly recommend getting there right after the park opens so you don’t have to queue too long to get on the slides.

Dubai Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark crazy slide

This crazy slide ends up in a pool tank filled with... sharks!

Dubai Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark Shark Filled Pool

6. Try scuba diving

Why: You can finally see what’s underneath those turquoise waters
Price: 54 USD / 199 AED
Book: Buy online and get 64% off

The unreal turquoise water in Dubai attracts crowds of tourists every year but hardly anyone has seen what’s beneath the surface. If you’re daring enough to explore the underwater world you can try scuba diving at Amazing Sea World. They offer diving sessions even for complete beginners (no PADI license required). Dubai’s warm coastal waters are home to barracudas, killifish, angelfish, many species of rays and you might even spot a turtle or two if you’re lucky. So why not escape the big city rush for a tranquil underwater adventure?

Try scuba diving in Dubai

5. Explore the desert in four ways

Why: You can try four new thrilling activities all in one day
Price: 32.5 USD / 119 AED
Book: Book online to get this really cheap price

This is a real adventure-packed day. You start with 4x4 dune bashing which is no leisurely ride, trust me. The rollercoaster drive up and down the steep dunes will leave you excited for more and perhaps a little dizzy. You can catch your breath swaying through the desert on camel back but soon enough you will be off to the next adventure and rushing down another dune, this time on a sandboard! The day is topped off with some well-deserved rest at the desert camp. As the sun sets over the dunes, you will be enjoying some typical Arabian dishes and puffing shisha by the fire.

Dubai Desert 4x4 Ride photo by Robert Young

Photo by Robert Young

Camel ride in the desert of Dubai

Enjoy the slow pace at the Bedouin camp after a long day full of action

Bedouin Cooking

4. Pick up flyboarding

Why: This is the most exciting water sport ever invented
Price: 90 USD / 331 AED
Book: Book online

Flyboarding is so cool I still can’t believe it’s real. Thanks to the water jets in the board you can boost into the air like you’ve got superhuman powers. Flying above the water is enough to pump your adrenaline already and you can add an extra fear factor by trying out some tricks. But I have to warn you that it’s not as easy as it looks, so it will take more than one session to impress your friends with crazy flyboarding skills.

Flyboarding in Dubai

3. Watch the sunrise from a hot air balloon

Why: Best sunrise experience in Dubai
Price: 237 USD / 869 AED
Book: Book online to get 27% off from the regular price

If you’re a fan of stunning views and unconventional transportation this one is for you. Take to the skies in a hot air balloon and admire a sunrise like no other you have ever seen before. Soaring over the endless desert is both a thrilling and a surprisingly peaceful experience. Don’t let the early rising put you off the trip, it really is worth it.

Hot Air Balloon Flight in Dubai

2. Admire Dubai from a helicopter

Why: All those James Bond fantasies finally coming true
Price: 184 USD / 675 AED
Book: Book online to get 21% off the regular price

If you’ve been secretly dreaming of staring in an action movie, you can get the taste of the real deal by booking a helicopter ride. A helicopter flight is not only an adventure in itself but also the best way to admire the city’s architectural glory. Dubai skyline is one of the greatest in the world and appreciating it from the sky takes the views to a whole another level. You’ll fly over Palm Jumeirah, get a good look at the fairy-tale Atlantis complex and snap some incredible photos of downtown Dubai.

Dubai Helicopter Flight

1. Go skydiving. If you dare.

Why: Biggest adrenaline rush of your life guaranteed
Price: 53 USD / (Indoor Skydiving) ; 463 USD / 1699 AED (Tandem Skydiving)
Book: Book Indoor Skydiving ; Book Tandem Skydiving

Without a doubt, the most adventurous thing to do in Dubai is skydiving. After a few blood-curling moments of a free fall, the parachute opens and everything turns incredibly quiet providing an out-of-this-world experience. The magnificent views of the Palm below you are a cherry on top of an already fantastic adventure. If anything is certain, it’s that you are guaranteed the biggest adrenaline rush of a lifetime and something to brag about at every party for the next few years. If you’re not quite ready for the big jump yet, you can try free falling in a controlled environment. Book an indoor skydiving session for the feeling of weightlessness minus the heart attack.

Skydive in Dubai above Palm Jumeirah